Meet Margaret Fabrizio

Margaret Fabrizio shares the making of her most recent quilt, Leftover Quilt #4, in an ongoing series of videos – also known as videoblogging or “vlogging”. You can watch her videos and see, day by day, how her quilts come together and how she interacts with her viewers, with several video responses posted through her series.

This quilt is almost done, on the day that this posts she will most likely be putting on some binding.

If you’ve never watched a quilt come together, I encourage you to check out her most recent series of videos. If you’ve never seen a video blog (vlog) Margaret is certainly a good example of one. She has over 500 videos posted and you can watch as each of them comes together.

As with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month [November]) video enthusiasts have a “video a day” challenge for November and there are many participants. If you are a twitter user, check out the hashtag #vlomo10 for some of these vids.