Introducing Quilt Teacher Dianne Dye

Dianne Dye has many new videos on YouTube, and she comes to YouTube via PBS! She has experience and talent and her videos are a joy to watch because of her knowledge of quilting, her teaching skills and her experience behind the camera. She does not leave out a single detail!

She also offers online classes on her website. Here’s just a little more about Dianne.

In this video, she offers some tips that she’s learned along the way. This is the first in a series of 4 videos about tips! Check out the links below or go right to her website to see all that she offers.

Quilt Secrets Video #2

Quilt Secrets Video #3

Quilt Secrets Video #4

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  1. Eric says:

    Come on down to and see what all of the quilting buzz is about! Online classes, quilting videos, quilt raffles, quilt image galleries and so much more! Check out Dianne Dye’s newsletter to keep up to date with new information, challenges, and links to other great quilting sites.

    Come Along and Let’s Get Busy Quilting!!