Burying the Knot

In machine quilting many quilters prefer to have no “start and stop” stitches (locking stitches taken in the same place). Instead they prefer to leave the tails of the threads hanging (always with BOTH threads on the TOP of the quilt
(watch this video if you do not know the importance of bringing up the bobbin thread) and they “bury the knots” after the machine quilting is done. Here is quilt teacher Jo Ann Gruber of Eagle River, Alaska demonstrating how to bury the knot in two videos:

Here’s some of Jo Ann’s exquisite quilting!

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  1. Kwstas says:

    Believe me I know exactly how you felt. My goal was not as lofty as yours. My goal was 1 squrae a day which gave me 3 months to finish my 100 squrae feet of string squraes. I felt like giving up a few times too. Glad you finally finished, you will be glad you did. I love looking at mine. So much so that I have just left it on my bed as a spread.Your quilt is very pretty.